Gift Horse, a skeletal bronze sculpture by German artist Hans Haacke which displays a live feed from the London Stock Exchange, is the tenth artwork to occupy Trafalgar Square's Fourth Plinth.  E&Co were commissioned by Paula Cooper Gallery, New York to assist with the structural design and approvals from the Greater London Authority

Sails sculpture was fabricated by P Johnston & Co. at Ratho Byres Forge and stands at 5m high by 3m wide within the forecourt of St Pierre Park hotel, Guernsey.

Sited at the very foot of Leith Walk, the Pinnacle is constructed from double bands of metal that rise from the ground front and back, and wrap themselves around to form a tall cone which finishes with a flourish at the top.  The sculpture stands at 18m tall and weights 3.5 tons.  E&Co. worked in conjunction with fabricators Phil Johnson & Co. to design the spire as well as the surrounding gates and seating.