Conservation and repairs to medieval Chapel. Since 2005 E&Co have been the structural consultants for the preservation and restoration of the scheduled mediaeval chapel, and associated new visitor facilities and improved access. Considerable care has been taken to assess the existing structure and detail the required stonework repairs.

Another new church hall squeezed in beside an existing Victorian Church to provide better space for the congregation and wider community. The multi-functional space can be divided up using sliding screens and is lit by three large roof lights. The new hall is joined to the existing by a glazed pane, and has a welcoming glazed façade to the west out to a terrace and the street. £1.1M. 2011 Scottish Design Awards Best Public Building

The church is located in a thriving residential part of Edinburgh, but had very little additional ground. The new church hall is neatly fitted in being the church, against boundary wall with zinc cladding. It was designed with internal spaces lit by large roof lights and it has large retracting doors etc. to allow space to be used by a great variety of configurations. It is so well used by a wide variety of community groups that the church is considering extending the facilities to the other side of the building.

Rationalisation of basement units, with a new church hall above with improved circulation, access, church offices and retail units, on prominent city centre site.